Google Algorithm Change – SERP Ranking Algorithm 2012 – Google Penguin Update

Google repeatedly turned down with many algorithm update and change right from past years. Google revealed algorithm in the versions Google panda 1.1, Google panda 2.2, Google panda 3.3 and Google penguin update as now recently. Moreover google penguin has been updated in a span of 10 days from its launched date [April 17 & April 27]. Not like previous panda update the new google penguin update has many features and barriers too for SEO. It drops many protocols for a websites’ SERP and the keyword ranking position.
1. Penguin update mainly focuses on backlinks of a website or webpage.
2.A website having links from unwanted category or unrelated websites, the SERP ranking of the website/webpage is automatically pushed down.
3. Also links from link farms and bulk directory submission is strictly restricted.
4. If more than 50 percent of the backlinks are from irrelevant websites, google marks it as webspam
5. When a website/web page gets more backlinks from unwanted categories remove those irrelevant links and increase links from
6. Google mentions the opposite of “white Hat SEO” as “black hat webspam”. Which means to get high relevant traffic spam items like unwanted links, irrelevant sites and links farms must be avoided.
7. While in a few days Google is ready to launch another algorithm to target and avoid webspam.
8.  Keyword stuffing and footer link keywords are another prey for google Penguin update.
9. Recent google algorithm change also tells about content duplication and content copywriting. When a website or webpage is having a duplicated content with the keywords stuffed or used, automatically the SERP and ranking positions of the keywords drowns away drastically.
10. The site owner may be in confused state for what reason changes have been done even though there is no unwanted backlinks, but still a drop in keyword positions and SERP.
The ultimate moral tip of google algorithm change and google penguin update 2012 is don’t make your content a duplicated one and with unwanted backlinks.